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JIAXING CHENGDA established since 2001 from Taiwan YINGDA. Our company already explored 18 years in China. So, our Taiwan parent company YINGDA and CHENGDA sum up have 40 years experiences. Depending on our robust experience and professional products; quality insistence quickly let our customers and same business parties give their supports.

ALL CHENGDA members pursues better mold skills, firm centripetal force provide remarkable quality mold to main demand markets to let CHENGDA become one of the industry models. Our superior technologies within the industry are as well as our top class services, scientific management, and abilities to satisfy our customer’s requirements. 

So now, we have had make and sale high quality mold afford to high markets: Car Fasteners, Train Fasteners, Aerospace Fasteners……etc.

We also believe customers satisfaction is one of our biggest existence values; and this faith quickly let CHENGDA received praises and trusts from domestic and foreign clients and will continually let CHENGDA get better and better with all our clients between win-win businesses situation. 

CHENGDA MOULD Product Display

CHENGDA MOULD Factory combines the market demand for mould to design products with reliable quality.

Product classification

Product classification

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  • 武汉Flange bolt
    武汉Flange bolt

    Bolt according to head shape:

    Hexagonal head, round head, square head, countersunk head and so on. Hexagonal head is the most commonly used. Generally, the countersunk head is used in the place where the smooth surface of the joints is required, because the countersunk head can be screwed into the parts. The round head can also be screwed into the parts. The tightening force of the square head can be larger, but the size is large.

    In addition, in order to meet the need of locking after installation, there are holes in the head and in the rod, which can keep the bolt from loosening when it is vibrated.

Shop Machine Display

Establishment of professional production workshop and mould manufacturer with senior technicians

  • 3D Image Measuring Instrument

    3D Image Measuring Instrument

    Testing equipment

  • 164LL Sijin Bolter

    164LL Sijin Bolter

    Forging equipment

  • EAD Mirror Discharger

    EAD Mirror Discharger

    Mirror Discharge Equipment

  • Discharge workshop

    Discharge workshop

    Discharge Unit

  • Discharge chart

    Discharge chart

    In discharge

  • Mould of vertical automatic blanking and shaping machine

    Mould of vertical automatic blanking and shaping machine

    Can be used as large die for vertical forging equipment

  • Die for Vertical Automatic Forging Machine

    Die for Vertical Automatic Forging Machine

    Can be used as large die for vertical forging equipment

  • Sanyong Vertical Forging Tempering Furnace

    Sanyong Vertical Forging Tempering Furnace

    Hot place equipment

  • Die Discharge

    Die Discharge

    Detailed discharge diagram

  • Japanese Super Grinder

    Japanese Super Grinder

    Japanese equipment

  • CNC Equipment Imported from Japan

    CNC Equipment Imported from Japan

    CNC Equipment in Japan

  • Japan Sanfeng Profiler

    Japan Sanfeng Profiler

    Japanese testing equipment

  • Mitsubishi Slow Walking Silk

    Mitsubishi Slow Walking Silk

    Japanese equipment


CHENGDA MOULD is affordable, well-designed and tailored. Welcome to buy

Mold wholesale40 years'production strength precipitates "quality" trust
        CHENGDA MODEL SET was established in 2001 for Taiwan Yingda. It has been developing in mainland China for 18 years. Taiwan Yingda was founded in 1976, with a total of more than 40 years of experience. Strong experience and preferential die price make customers and their industry recognize and agree with Chengda Mould's adherence to quality.

Variety of Specialized Technologies

Mold wholesale
       CHENGDA MODEL has become a model of die industry in pursuit of technological superiority and staffs'firm centripetal force. We also wholesale the main demand markets with high quality moulds, such as automotive fasteners, railway fasteners, aerospace fasteners, etc.
Mold wholesaleGood Reputation Guarantee

        CHENGDA MODEL SET has won the support and care of many customers in the industry because of its efforts to meet the needs of customers, technical production and development capabilities, rapid and cordial service attitude in the wholesale and delivery of moulds.  

Technical Team Carefully Build

Mold wholesale
       CHENGDA MODEL urges itself to continue to improve research and development of professional technology, in order to meet customer expectations, and modestly expect to grow together with the industry. We have the quality of technology, preferential mold price, professional knowledge and perfect management system, members work hard to achieve "customer satisfaction, success is the value of existence", at this stage is successful, but also laid a sustainable foundation.
Mold wholesaleClose after-sales service
       The production team has strong technical force and standardized process management. We are not to do one-off business, but to establish long-term cooperative relations. The after-sales team has rich experience and responds to customers'problems in a timely manner.
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