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Eccentric sleeve

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Eccentric sleeve

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  • Date of release:2019/06/21
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Detailed introduction

In fact, the failure of dies and moulds is abandoned due to the wear and tear of local surface materials. Moreover, the processing cycle of dies and moulds is very long and the processing cost is very high (especially for the manufacture of precision and complex dies or large moulds, the processing cost is as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan).

Therefore, it is undoubtedly of great economic significance to strengthen the surface of the specific parts of the mould manufacturer that really bear the wear effect in order to prolong and improve the service life of the tools and dies by a large margin.

In addition, most moulds are invalidated and discarded only because of the wear of a thin layer of material on the surface. Therefore, only repairing the worn parts on the surface of the moulds and key metal parts, and coating the actual worn surface of the moulds with a high hardness and high wear resistance metal layer during the repairing process, can "turn waste into treasure" and not only make the moulds repaired, but also after repairing. The service life of the die will be greatly improved compared with the original die, and the economic benefits will be enormous (e.g. repairing a large motor shaft in a power plant, including various preparation times, using micro-beam cold welding machine in only a few days, but can create millions of yuan of economic benefits).

Axle sleeve

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