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Aluminum fasteners

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Aluminum fasteners

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Detailed introduction

Fasteners are the intermediate connecting parts connecting rails and sleepers. Its function is to fix the rails on the sleepers, maintain the gauge and prevent the longitudinal and lateral movement of the rails relative to the sleepers. On the track of concrete sleepers, due to the poor elasticity of concrete sleepers, the fasteners also need to provide sufficient elasticity. Therefore, fasteners need to have sufficient strength, durability, and some elasticity, and effectively maintain the reliable connection between rail and sleeper. In addition, the fastener system requires fewer parts, simple installation and easy disassembly.

Steel fasteners are generally divided into cast steel fasteners and steel plate stamping, hydraulic fasteners. The production process of cast steel fasteners is roughly the same as cast iron, while steel plate stamping and hydraulic fasteners are made of 3.5-5mm steel plate by stamping and hydraulic technology. All kinds of properties of steel fasteners are comparatively superior, such as fracture resistance, skid resistance, deformation resistance, detachment resistance and rust resistance.

At present, cast iron fasteners manufacturers are concentrated in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, with a market share of about 80%, while steel fasteners have a market share of about 5-10%. The main manufacturers are located in Hebei, Chongqing, Xinjiang and other places.

We also believe customers satisfaction is one of our biggest existence values; and this faith quickly let CHENGDA received praises and trusts from domestic and foreign clients and will continually let CHENGDA get better and better with all our clients between win-win businesses situation. 


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