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Colding forging

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Colding forging

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Detailed introduction

Performance of Die Manufacturers

1. Low density: Plastic density is small, which is of great significance for reducing the weight of mechanical equipment and energy saving, especially for vehicles, ships, aircraft and spacecraft.

2. High specific strength and stiffness: The strength of plastics is not as high as that of metals, but the density of plastics is small, so the specific strength (_b/p) and specific stiffness (E/p) are quite high. Especially reinforced plastics filled with various kinds of high strength fibers, flakes and powders of metal or non-metal have higher specific strength and stiffness than metals.

3. Good chemical stability: Most plastics have good acid, alkali, salt, water and gas resistance. Under normal conditions, they do not react with these substances.

4. Electrical insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation performance is good.

5. Good wear resistance and self-lubrication: Plastics have small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, good self-lubrication, high specific strength and low transmission noise. It can work effectively in liquid medium, semi-dry or even dry friction conditions. It can be made into machine parts such as bearings, gears, cams and pulleys. It is very suitable for low speed and low load occasions.

6. Strong bonding ability.

7. Good shaping and colouring properties.


Performance of cold forgings

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