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Tire nut

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Tire nut

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Detailed introduction

Tire nut

       Copper nuts made of various embossed wires (usually lead brass, such as H59, 3604, 3602). Embedded knurled copper nuts we come into contact with are processed by precision automatic lathe. The reference standard of embedded knurled copper nut comes from GB/T809.

The main operation mode of embedded knurled copper nuts is injection moulding and embedding after heating.

If the melting point of PA/NYLOY/PET is above 200 C, the temperature of the embedded nut increases rapidly after being hot melted into the plastic part. After injection molding, the plastic body cools and crystallizes rapidly and hardens. If the temperature of the embedded nut is still at high temperature, it is possible to pour into the place where the copper nut contacts with the plastic part and begin to loosen or crack. . Therefore, copper nuts are used instead of carbon steel nuts in the injection moulding of embedded nuts.

There are two ways to form the external thread knurling of the embedded copper nuts in the mould manufacturer. One is to use copper raw material to form the knurling and then to produce it in the upper equipment. Generally, the drawing pattern of this way is straight. The other is to use smooth copper material to directly tap the teeth while embossing in the process of production. This way of processing can produce some non-standard size knurled copper nuts. The shape of embossing of copper nuts can be selected by users, such as reticulation, eight-character embossing, herringbone embossing and other embossing patterns.

Characteristics of tire nuts

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