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Hood Fixed Bolts

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Hood Fixed Bolts

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Detailed introduction

Fixed bolt is a kind of fastener consisting of hexagonal head and flange disc (gasket under hexagonal is fixed with hexagonal) and screw (cylinder with external threads). It needs to be matched with nut to fasten and connect two parts with through holes.

       With the nut, the two parts are connected as a whole by threaded connection, which belongs to the disassembly connection.

Bolt connection is a common connection method. However, in the process of agricultural machinery assembly, there are always failure phenomena such as slippage and breakage of bolts due to various factors or improper assembly. In the process of bolt assembly on site, the factors such as bolt tightening angle, tightening additives and so on are mainly involved.

Mold manufacturer said that the influencing factors of bolt failure

The factors considered are the angle of bolt tightening, the use of grease and fastener, and the tightening method.

(1) Tightening angle

In the field assembly of bolts, operators often use wrenches to tighten the bolts. In this process, the revolving center of the wrench and the center of the bolt can not be well coincided, thus affecting the tightening effect and failure moment of the bolt. Therefore, the tightening angle of the bolt is a factor to be considered.

(2) The use of grease and fastener under different working conditions sometimes requires the addition of grease or fastener in bolt assembly. Therefore, the use of additives is also one of the factors to be considered in bolt failure test.

(3) Material of gasket

Gaskets of different materials are sometimes required at different assembly locations. Therefore, the material of gasket is also a factor that should be taken into account in the failure of bolt connection.

Fixed bolt

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