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M25 bolt

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M25 bolt

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  • Date of release:2019/06/21
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Detailed introduction

Bolt is one of the hexagonal bolts. Generally speaking, the length of the bolt is more than ten times the diameter or more than 300 mm, which belongs to the bolt. It is more complex than the conventional hexagonal bolt. It is easy to bend when quenching. It is necessary to strictly control the quenching method and temperature. The material chosen by the bolt also has flexibility for the bolt. Some effects, before the finished products need to go through the straightening process to ensure the verticality of the bolt.

       Anti-corrosion treatment of screw exterior is a widely used method.

Stainless steel screw is made of metal. There are four main ways to prevent metal from corrosion: the nature of material itself, the environment in which it is used, the interface between data and environment and the design of improving metal structure. If stainless steel screw is made of a complete corrosion-resistant alloy, unless there is a special demand, it will be impractical in terms of economic concept, or the appearance of the screw will be corroded. Entire isolation of environmental factors from erosion is not feasible in practice, and may be very difficult.

Improving the design of metal structure can improve the influence of special conditions under certain conditions, but most of the design of stainless steel screw can not be corrected adequately, and its maintenance function is not permanent, so this method can not basically deal with the problem, as long as the corrosion prevention on the interface, that is, the external corrosion prevention treatment is widely used at present.

Characteristics of M25 bolt

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