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Four-piece die

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Four-piece die

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Detailed introduction

So how is the mould made?

      The following mold manufacturer makes a brief introduction to the modern mold production process.

1) ESI (Earlier Supplier Involvement Supplier Early Participation): This stage is mainly about the technical discussion between customers and suppliers on product design and die development. The main purpose of this stage is to let suppliers clearly understand the design intentions and precision requirements of product designers, and also to let product designers understand the ability of die production and the technological nature of products. It can make a more reasonable design.

Quotation: Including the price of the die, the life of the die, the turnover process, the required tonnage of the machine and the delivery date of the die. (More detailed quotation should include product size and weight, die size and weight and other information. )

3) Purchase Order: Customer orders, the issuance of orders and the acceptance of supplier orders.

4) Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement: At this stage, we need to reply to the customer according to the specific delivery date of the mould.

5) Die Design: Possible design software include Pro/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA, etc.

6) Procurement of materials

Machining: The processes involved include turning, Gong (milling), heat treatment, grinding, CNC, EDM, WEDM, JIG GRINGING, laser engraving and polishing.

8) Assembly

9) Trial Run

10) Model Assessment Report (SER)

11) Model Assessment Report Approval

Four-piece die performance

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