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Droplet Mold

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Droplet Mold

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Detailed introduction

Principle of Die Design

       Because different moulds have been applied in many fields, and the manufacturing technology of professional moulds has changed and developed in recent years, in this part, the mould manufacturers summarized the general design rules of vacuum suction moulds.

The design of vacuum suction moulds includes batch size, moulding equipment, precision conditions, geometric design, dimensional stability and surface quality.

1. For batch size experiments, if the output of the mould is small, it can be manufactured with wood or resin. However, if the experimental die is used to obtain the data of shrinkage, dimensional stability and cycle time of the product, the single cavity die should be used for the experiment, and it can be used under production conditions. Moulds are usually made of gypsum, copper, aluminium or aluminium-steel alloys, and Aluminium-Resin is seldom used.

2. In geometric design, dimensional stability and surface quality are often considered comprehensively. For example, product design and dimensional stability require the use of negative dies (concave dies), but products with high surface gloss require the use of positive dies (punches), so that plastic parts orderers will take these two points into account, so that products can be produced under good conditions. Experience has proved that design that does not meet the actual processing conditions is often a failure.

3. Dimension stability. In the process of forming, the contact surface between the plastic part and the die is better than the dimension stability of the part leaving the die. If the material thickness is required to be changed in the future due to the requirement of material stiffness, it may lead to the conversion of positive mode to negative mode. The dimensional tolerance of plastic parts should not be less than 10% of shrinkage.

Design of Water Droplet Die

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