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Bundle Plum Blossom Mould

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Bundle Plum Blossom Mould

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Detailed introduction

mould design

       According to the national professional definition, die design is: engaged in enterprise die digital design, including cavity die and cold stamping die. On the basis of traditional die design, full use of digital design tools, improve the quality of die design, shorten the design cycle of die.

The whole structure of stamping die can be divided into two parts:

(1) Common parts.

(2) The part that changes according to the product. Common parts can be standardized or standardized, while parts that vary according to products are difficult to standardize.

Die Specification

1. Composition of Template

The composition of stamping die will be divided into two types according to the type and composition of the die, i. e. the forward configuration structure and the reverse configuration structure. The former is a commonly used structure, while the latter is mainly used for drawing and forming dies or for matching special dies.

2. Specification of Dies

(1) Die size and locking screw

The size of the template manufacturer should be larger than the working area, and the standard template size should be selected. The placement of the template locking screw is related to the type and size of the template. Locking screw is often used in single engineering die, and standard working area can be widely used. Locking screw is often used in long dies and continuous dies to be arranged at the four corners and the middle position.

(2) Thickness of formwork

The thickness selection of the template is related to the structure of the die, the type of stamping, the stamping force and the precision of stamping. It is difficult to determine the thickness of the die according to theoretical calculation. Generally, it is obtained by experience. The type of the thickness of the die should be as few as possible. It should be standardized with the height of the die and clamping height in order to facilitate procurement and inventory management.

Characteristic of Club Plum Blossom Mould

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