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Bundle Tooth Mould Core

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Bundle Tooth Mould Core

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Detailed introduction

Template design of mould manufacturer

       The main formwork of continuous die includes punch fixing plate, pressing plate, concave template and so on. Its structure design is based on the precision of stamping products, production quantity, processing equipment and method of die, and maintenance mode of die, etc. There are the following three forms: (1) block type, (2) yoke type, (3) inlay type.

1. Block type

The whole template is also called integral structure, and its processing shape needs to be closed. The whole template is mainly used for simple structure or low precision dies. Its processing mode is mainly cutting (without heat treatment). The template with heat treatment needs WEDM or EDM and grinding. When the size of the template is long (continuous die), two or more pieces in one will be used.

2. Yoke Formula

The central part of the yoke template is processed into a concave groove to assemble the block. The structure of the groove can be made up of other formwork according to the application requirements. The advantages of this yoke template construction are: easy groove processing, adjustable groove width, good processing accuracy, etc. But low rigidity is its disadvantage.


Bundle Tooth Mould Core Template

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