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Three-piece die

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Three-piece die

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Detailed introduction

Inserted die manufacturers say that the precautions for template construction are as follows:

(1) Processing of inserting holes: Vertical milling machine (or tool milling machine), integrated processing machine, tool boring machine, tool grinding machine, wire cutting EDM machine, etc. are used to process the inserting holes of template. In order to improve the machining accuracy of wire secant EDM, the second or more wire secant machining is used as the machining datum for inserting holes.

(2) The fixing method of inserts: the determinants of the fixing method of inserts are unchanged, such as the accuracy of processing, the ease of assembly and decomposition, the possibility of adjustment, etc. There are four fixing methods for inserts: A. screw fixing, B. shoulder fixing, C. toe fixing and D. upper plate pressing. Pressure fit is also used to fix the embedded parts of concave formwork. At this time, the relaxation results caused by thermal expansion should be avoided. Rotation prevention method should be designed when irregular holes are machined with circular die sleeve inserts.

(3) Consideration of the assembly and decomposition of embedded parts: the machining accuracy of embedded parts and their holes is required to be high for the assembly operation. In order to obtain that even slight size error can be adjusted at the time of assembling, countermeasures should be considered beforehand. Five specific considerations should be taken into account in the process of inserting parts: A. Pressure-in part, B. Pressure-in state and correct position of inserting parts should be adjusted by diaphragms, C. Pressure-out holes should be arranged at the bottom of inserting parts, D. Screws of the same size should be used when locking to facilitate locking and fixing. Release, E. In order to prevent errors in the direction of group cubes, anti-dull chamfering processing should be designed.

Three-piece Mold Factory

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