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Plum Blossom Needle Punching Die

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Plum Blossom Needle Punching Die

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Detailed introduction

The alignment unit of the die is also called the joint guide device of the die blade. In order to maintain the alignment between upper and lower dies and shorten the preparation time, according to the requirements of product accuracy and production quantity, there are five alignment units for die manufacturers.

       (1) Unguided type: When the die is installed in the punch press, the joint operation of its blades is carried out directly without using the guide device.

(2) External guide type: This kind of device is a standard structure. The guide device is installed on the upper and lower die bases. It does not pass through each template, and is generally called the die base type.

(3) Combination of external and internal guidance (1): This device is a structure commonly used in continuous dies, and internal guidance device is installed between punch fixing plate and blank pressing plate. The combination of punch and die utilizes fixed pin and external guide device. Another function of the internal guidance device is to prevent the inclination of the pressing plate and to protect the small punch.

(4) External guidance and internal guidance (2): This device is a high-precision high-speed continuous die structure. The internal guidance device runs through punch fixing plate, blank pressing plate and concave die fixing plate, etc. The internal guide device itself also has the function of die blade fitting and protecting small punches. The main function of the external guide device is that the die can be decomposed and installed in the punch to achieve smoothness.

(5) Internal guiding type: This structure does not use external guiding device, the internal guiding device runs through the fixed plate of punch, the pressing plate and the fixed plate of concave die, etc., and correctly maintains the position relationship of each plate to protect the punch.


Performance of Plum Blossom Punching Die

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