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Nut Die

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Nut Die

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Detailed introduction

Pressure bolts and spring elements:

(1) Press bolt unit: Press plate bolt types are: (A). External screw type, (B). Sleeve type, (C). Internal screw type. In order to keep the pressing plate parallel to the specified position, the stopping method of pressing bolt (shoulder contact part): (A). die base recess bearing surface, (B). punch fixing plate top, (C). punch back plate top.

(2) Pressure spring unit: Movable press plate press spring unit can be roughly divided into: (A), (B), (A), (B), (B). Pressure bolt combined type.

The following points need to be taken into account when choosing the pressure spring element.

(A) To ensure the free length of the spring and the required compression (the spring with large compression should be placed in the indentation of the press plate).

(B)There is no need to adjust the initial spring compression (pre-compression) or load.

(C) Consider the ease of die assembly or maintenance.

(D) Consider the relationship between the length of punch or pressing bolt.

(E) Consider safety (to prevent the spring from flying out when it breaks).

We also believe customers satisfaction is one of our biggest existence values; and this faith quickly let CHENGDA received praises and trusts from domestic and foreign clients and will continually let CHENGDA get better and better with all our clients between win-win businesses situation. 

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