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Non-standard special-shaped water drop mould

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Non-standard special-shaped water drop mould

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Detailed introduction

Guide pin unit (positioning of feeding direction of strip):

       (1) Guide pin unit: The main function of guide pin is to get the correct feeding pitch in continuous stamping. There are two types of guide unit for stamping die: indirect type (guide pin used alone) and direct type (guide pin installed inside the punch).

(2) The assembly method of the guide pin is the same as that of the punch (mounted on the fixed plate of the punch). It is controlled by a spring on the fixed plate of the punch.

(3) The guide pin is installed in the form of pressing plate, because the guide pin is required to be prominent in the amount of pressing plate to achieve certain needs to prevent the die from rising easily with the processed material, the rigidity of the pressing plate and the form of guidance need to be paid attention to.

(4) The guide pin unit has a direct type, which is installed in the punch. It is mainly used for shape punching (blanking) or trimming of extension engineering. Its location is based on the hole of the product and the inner diameter of the extension part.

ALL CHENGDA members pursues better mold skills, firm centripetal force provide remarkable quality mold to main demand markets to let CHENGDA become one of the industry models. Our superior technologies within the industry are as well as our top class services, scientific management, and abilities to satisfy our customer’s requirements. 

So now, we have had make and sale high quality mold afford to high markets: Car Fasteners, Train Fasteners, Aerospace Fasteners……etc.

Performance of Special-shaped Water Droplet Mold

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