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Bundle tetragonal tungsten steel die

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Bundle tetragonal tungsten steel die

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Detailed introduction

Major components of mould manufacturer:

      1. Standard parts and specifications

The selection method of standard specifications for die and mould shall consider the following matters: (A). If the specifications used are not limited, the high-level ones shall be adopted. (B). Standard numbers are used in principle. (C) When the standard part of the die does not have this size, it is processed by the approaching part.

2. Design of punch

The punch can be roughly divided into three parts according to its function: (A). The cutting edge of the processing material (cutting edge, its shape is irregular, square, circular, etc.). (B). The contact part with the punch fixing plate (fixed part or handle part, whose cross-section shape is irregular, square, circular, etc.). (C) The connecting part (middle part) between the blade and the handle.

The design criteria of each part of the punch are briefly described in terms of (A), (B), (C), (C) the fixing method of the punch and the shape of the handle, etc.

3. Design of Fixed Plate of Punch

The thickness of the punch fixing plate is related to the size of the die and the load. Generally speaking, the length of the punch is 30-40%, and the length of the guide of the punch should be 1.5 times larger than the diameter of the punch.

Tungsten steel die

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