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Bundle Tooth Punching Die

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Bundle Tooth Punching Die

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Detailed introduction

Design of die punching die:

       The key points to be considered in the shape design of punching die are: the shape of die life and escape angle, the shear angle of die B, and the division of die C.

(A). Mold price life and shape of escape angle: This design is very important. If the design is incorrect, it will cause punch breakage, chip blockage or floating, and the occurrence of rough edges.

(B) Shear angle of die: In order to reduce the punching force when the shape is punched, the die can adopt the design of shear angle. When the shear angle is large, the reduction of punching force is also large, but it is easy to cause the product to reverse and deform.

(C) Die segmentation: Die needs to be processed by forming and grinding. Because of its concave shape, grinding tools are not easy to enter, so it needs to be segmented.

Design of die bending die:

In order to prevent springback and excessive bending, the design of the die for U-shaped bending is a combination of double R and straight line (inclination is 30 degrees), which can approximate the R shape. The shape of R part should be polished after forming grinding or NC discharge machining.


Bundle Tooth Die Factory

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