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Eccentric tungsten steel die

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Eccentric tungsten steel die

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  • Date of release:2019/06/21
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Detailed introduction

According to the structure characteristics, die manufacturing can be divided into planar blanking die and cavity die with space. Punching dies are precisely matched with the dimensions of punches and dies, and some even have no clearance matching. Other forging dies, such as cold extrusion dies, die casting dies, powder metallurgy dies, plastic dies, rubber dies and so on, belong to cavity dies and are used to form workpieces with three-dimensional shapes. Cavity die has dimension requirements in three directions of length, width and height, and its shape is complex and difficult to manufacture.

       Mould manufacturers generally produce single parts and small batches. The manufacturing requirements are strict and accurate. Precision processing equipment and measuring devices are mostly used.

Planar blanking dies can be formed by EDM, then formed grinding, coordinate grinding and other methods to further improve the accuracy. Forming grinding can be carried out by optical projection curve grinder, surface grinder with abnormal and polishing wheel mechanism, or by special forming grinding tool on precision surface grinder.

The coordinate grinder can be used for precise positioning of the die to ensure precise aperture and spacing. The convex and concave dies of any curve shape can also be grinded by CNC continuous trajectory coordinate grinder. Profile milling machine, EDM and electrochemical machining are widely used for cavity die. Combining profiling milling with numerical control and adding three-way translational head device in EDM can improve the processing quality of the cavity. Increasing aerated electrolysis in ECM can improve production efficiency.

Tungsten steel die

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