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Drawing die

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Drawing die

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  • Date of release:2019/06/21
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Detailed introduction

1. The purity of the die material is over 99.95%, the impurity content is very little, and the physical properties of the sheet are more stable.

2. spray drying technology is used to protect the material under the condition of full sealing with high purity nitrogen. It can effectively reduce the oxygen increasing possibility during the preparation of the mixture, and the purity is good, and the material is not easy to be dirty.

3. Plate density uniformity: 300 Mpa isostatic press is used to press, effectively reduce the occurrence of pressing defects, and the density of blank is more uniform.

4. The compactness of the sheet is excellent, and the strength and hardness are excellent. The ship low-pressure sintering technology can effectively eliminate the internal porosity of the sheet and make the quality more stable.

5. Using cryogenic treatment technology, the internal metallographic structure of the sheet can be improved, and the internal stress can be greatly eliminated, so as to avoid the occurrence of cracks in the process of cutting and forming of the sheet.

6. Mold manufacturers strictly process, according to the graph processing, alloy umbilical die parts in strict accordance with the requirements of processing high hardness alloy.

7. Selection of quality materials, quality materials, alloy material structure is stable.

8. Pay attention to details, work hard on details, pay attention to every small detail, and do everything possible.

Raw Material for Drawing Die

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