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Movable die

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Movable die

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Detailed introduction

Economic requirements

In the selection of die materials, it is necessary to consider the principle of economy and reduce the manufacturing cost as much as possible. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the service performance, the first choice is low price, carbon steel can be used instead of alloy steel, domestic materials can be used instead of imported materials.

In addition, the production and supply situation of the market should also be taken into account when selecting materials. The selected steel grades should be as few as possible, concentrated and easy to purchase.

Mould repair

According to incomplete statistics, the annual value of die consumption in mechanical processing industry is five times the total value of all kinds of machine tools. It can be imagined that the die Market in machinery, metallurgy, light industry, electronics and other industries is so huge. For example, in the metallurgical industry, the consumption of hot rolls is only over 300,000 tons per year, and the value of hot rolls accounts for more than 5% of the production cost of steel products. The large consumption of dies not only directly increases the production cost, but also causes the frequent shutdown of a large number of production lines due to frequent replacement of dies, resulting in greater economic losses.

JIAXING CHENGDA established since 2001 from Taiwan YINGDA. Our company already explored 18 years in China. So, our Taiwan parent company YINGDA and CHENGDA sum up have 40 years experiences. Depending on our robust experience and professional products; quality insistence quickly let our customers and same business parties give their supports.

ALL CHENGDA members pursues better mold skills, firm centripetal force provide remarkable quality mold to main demand markets to let CHENGDA become one of the industry models. Our superior technologies within the industry are as well as our top class services, scientific management, and abilities to satisfy our customer’s requirements. 

Performance of Movable Die

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