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Welding bolt die

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Welding bolt die

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  • Date of release:2019/06/21
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Detailed introduction

High hardness, good hardness and toughness of non-deformed stainless steel, high processing difficulty, complex production process.

Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the combination of chromium and nickel elements produces a dense and stable oxide coating on the surface of the material, which is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can protect the interior.

Durable, durable, rusty and humid environment, rust-free, strong antioxidant capacity, excellent performance in steel.

Beautiful and practical surface silver-white luster, in the wet environment of the lake use luster as new, quality and beauty coexist.

The surface is smooth, the screw plane is smooth and smooth, the surface is metallic luster, and the long-term use is still bright as new.

Luminous texture, iron-plated copper welding studs, bolt welding bolts.

Environmental friendly non-toxic 304 stainless steel is an environmental protection material for workers. It does not release toxic substances and pollute the environment.

Durable explosion-proof life is long, will not affect the building, the quality is too hard.

      JIAXING CHENGDA established since 2001 from Taiwan YINGDA. Our company already explored 18 years in China. So, our Taiwan parent company YINGDA and CHENGDA sum up have 40 years experiences. Depending on our robust experience and professional products; quality insistence quickly let our customers and same business parties give their supports.

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