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Chamfering die

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Chamfering die

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Detailed introduction

Maintenance of mould manufacturer:

1: Mould needs to grind the edge after a long time use, and the edge surface needs to be demagnetized after grinding, so it can not be magnetic, otherwise it is easy to occur plugging. Die users should record and count their use, nursing (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage in detail. According to this, we can find out which parts and components have been damaged and the degree of wear and tear, so as to provide information for finding and solving problems, as well as the forming process parameters and materials used for products of the die, so as to shorten the test run time of the die and improve the production efficiency. Under the normal operation of the injection moulding machine and the mould, we should test the various properties of the mould and measure the size of the moulded parts. Through these information, we can determine the existing state of the mould, find out the damage of the cavity, the core, the cooling system and the parting surface. According to the information provided by the plastic parts, we can judge the damage state of the mould and the maintenance measures.

2: Springs and other elastic parts are easy to be damaged in the course of using, and usually appear fracture and deformation. The method adopted is to replace the spring. In the process of replacement, attention should be paid to the specifications and models of the spring. The specifications and models of the spring are confirmed by three terms: color, outer diameter and length. Only when the three items are the same, can the spring be replaced. The quality of the spring imported is better.

3: The punch is easy to break, bend and gnaw during the use of the die, and the punch sleeve is generally gnawed. The damage of punch and punch sleeve is usually replaced by parts of the same specification. The main parameters of the punch are working part size, installation part size, length size and so on.

4: Fastening parts, check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged, the method adopted is to find parts of the same specifications for replacement.

5: Pressing parts such as pressing plate, high-strength glue, unloading parts such as stripping plate, pneumatic jacking, etc. Check the parts relationship and whether there is any damage during maintenance, repair the damaged parts, check whether there is air leakage in pneumatic jacking material, and take measures for specific conditions. If the trachea is damaged, replace it. It is important to track and inspect several important parts of the die: ejection and guide parts are to ensure the opening and closing movement of the die and ejection of the plastic parts. If any part of the die is blocked due to damage, it will lead to shutdown. Therefore, lubrication of the ejector pin and guide pillar of the die should be maintained regularly (appropriate lubricant should be selected), and whether deformation and surface damage of the ejector pin and guide pillar occur should be checked regularly once the operation is completed. It is found that it should be replaced in time; after finishing a production cycle, professional rust-proof oil should be applied to the working surface, moving and guiding parts of the die, especially the elastic strength protection of the bearing parts of the die with gears, racks and springs to ensure that the die is always in good working condition; with the continuous production time, the cooling passage is liable to deposit scales, rust, mud and water. Algae, etc., make the section of the cooling channel smaller, the cooling channel narrower, greatly reduce the heat exchange rate between the coolant and the die, and increase the production cost of enterprises, so attention should be paid to the cleaning of the runner; for the hot runner die, the maintenance of heating and control system is conducive to preventing the occurrence of production failure, so it is particularly important.


Chamfer Die Performance

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