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Punching drawing die

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Punching drawing die

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Detailed introduction

Die wear reasons:

1) The material selection of the main working parts of the die is inappropriate. Material performance is not good, wear-resistant; die steel is not refined, with a large number of smelting defects; convex and concave die, forging process is not perfect, there are hidden dangers of heat treatment.

2) The design of die structure is unreasonable. The slender punch has not designed reinforcing device, the discharge outlet is not smooth, and the unloading force is too strong to make the punch bear the increasing alternating load and so on.

3) Imperfect die-making process is mainly manifested in the poor internal quality of forged blanks of convex and concave dies, the problems of heat treatment technology and process, resulting in the hardenability of convex and concave dies, and the uneven softness and hardness. Sometimes micro-cracks, even cracks, lapping and polishing are not in place, and the surface roughness value is too large.

4) No lubrication or lubrication, but the effect is not good.

JIAXING CHENGDA established since 2001 from Taiwan YINGDA. Our company already explored 18 years in China. So, our Taiwan parent company YINGDA and CHENGDA sum up have 40 years experiences. Depending on our robust experience and professional products; quality insistence quickly let our customers and same business parties give their supports.

ALL CHENGDA members pursues better mold skills, firm centripetal force provide remarkable quality mold to main demand markets to let CHENGDA become one of the industry models. Our superior technologies within the industry are as well as our top class services, scientific management, and abilities to satisfy our customer’s requirements. 

So now, we have had make and sale high quality mold afford to high markets: Car Fasteners, Train Fasteners, Aerospace Fasteners……etc.


Performance of Punching Drawing Die

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