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Notices for Installation and Use of Fasteners

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Notices for Installation and Use of Fasteners

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Fasteners play a more important role in the use of mechanical value, so the operators need to be more serious in every link. Not only that, but also requires operators to master the correct method to ensure that fasteners can be used normally. Here, the tightening die manufacturer introduces the correct installation knowledge of rivet nuts.

First, when installing riveting nuts, the principle to be followed is to install the installation holes according to the size required by each nut. When installing the nuts outside the stipulation, the problems of using the nuts will appear first, and then the damage of the whole machine will be caused, so as to affect the further use of the machine.

Secondly, when installing, one point should be to ensure that the location of the riveting nut, which is often referred to as the location of the orifice on the guide groove, is well placed before applying the placement force.

Third, to ensure the further application of fastening force on the parallel interface, it is necessary to know the level of fastening force, which can directly determine the situation of resistance torsion of fasteners in the assembly process.

Fourth, the fastener manufacturer said that when installing, it should fully ensure that the placement force can be embedded in the fastening rings along all the surrounding areas.

Matters needing attention in use

Automobile has now become a very important means of transportation in our life. This kind of transportation not only brings convenience to our life, but also causes some unsafe accidents for various reasons. You know, sometimes an accident happens because of a small fastener. Here, we will talk about the matters needing attention when using automobile fasteners.

1. Attention should be paid to the strength of spin-in.

Here, we can only say that the strength of screw-in should be moderate. In the eyes of ordinary people, the greater the strength of fastener screw, the higher the tightness will be. In fact, this is not the correct understanding. Another is to tighten the fasteners, try to use the torque wrench or socket wrench. For the movable wrench or electric wrench, it is not suitable for the use of automobile fasteners. Because the use of such a wrench will make the temperature rise faster and cause the fastener to lock.

2. Pay attention to the direction of force exerted by automobile fasteners

When using the nut, it needs to be in a state perpendicular to the axis of the screw, and rotate along the circumference. In many automotive fasteners, some gaskets are used when they are installed and used, which can avoid the problems of locking and using some fasteners.


Automotive Fasteners

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