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Five Common Cleaning Agents for Fasteners

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Five Common Cleaning Agents for Fasteners

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In order to maintain the performance of fasteners, it is necessary to clean and maintain fasteners frequently. What are the common cleaning agents for fasteners? For similar problems, professional die manufacturers introduce five cleaning agents commonly used for fasteners.

1. Emulsifying Cleaner

Soluble emulsifier mainly consists of emulsifier, clay, solvent, detergent, corrosion inhibitor and water. Emulsion cleaner is a concentrated pure oil cleaner. Water is used to dissolve the emulsifier. Emulsion cleaner can remove dirt and leave a rust-proof film on the surface of fastener.

2. Alkaline detergent

Alkaline detergent is made up of detergent and alkaline earth metal salt of surfactant. It is a widely used detergent at present. The main chemical composition of this kind of cleaning agent is hydroxide, silicate, carbonate, phosphate, borate and so on. This cleaning agent is mainly to ensure the cleaning effect, followed by economic.

3. Detergents

Detergents mainly contain solvents, surfactants and water. Unlike emulsifiers, detergents are pure solutions rather than emulsifiers. Mainly used for cleaning equipment and fastener packaging.

4. Synthetic detergent

Synthetic detergent is also a kind of alkaline detergent, which differs from standard alkaline detergent in chemical composition. Standard alkaline detergent is inorganic while synthetic detergent is an organic detergent containing aminoacid. Standard alkaline detergent is mainly used to remove alkaline residues in single stage cleaning, and it is also a good antirust agent. Synthetic detergents are used for moderately difficult cleaning, such as quenching oil on the surface of fasteners or quenching polymer solutions.

5. Acidic detergent

The main components are usually sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid and other organic acids. When cleaning common dirt on metal fasteners, acid cleaning agent is not used, and alkaline cleaning agent is usually used. And acid cleaning is very effective for special adhesives such as oxide skin. The general process is acid leaching. The oxidized skin, surface oxides, corrosion products and waterlogged precipitates can be removed by acid after heat treatment.


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