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What are the problems with mold processing?

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What are the problems with mold processing?

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In order to produce high-quality and high-precision mechanical parts, we should pay attention to many aspects of problems when using stamping dies. Now, the die manufacturer will introduce the relevant knowledge for you, hoping to solve some of your doubts.

Because of the different characteristics and application requirements of various parts, there are many processing methods for stamping dies. Therefore, according to the specific characteristics of parts processing, the method with low processing difficulty and low workload should be chosen. But the premise is to ensure the quality of parts.

For the processing of standard parts, the operation shall be carried out according to the dimension accuracy specified in the relevant documents. At the same time, it ensures that the surface of parts has reasonable distribution characteristics. The part structure has the rigidity that meets the standard requirement.

Stamping die processing should be based on the principles of reducing electrode consumption, reducing tool wear and saving materials. Therefore, design work should be done well before processing.

The long assistant time of parts processing will affect the production cycle and efficiency of parts. In combination processing, the principle of reducing auxiliary time and simplifying clamping times should be followed.


The parts processed by stamping die method have the characteristics of good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. In practical application, it is necessary to select appropriate processing methods according to the specific parts characteristics and coordination characteristics, and to process strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, so as to improve production efficiency and production safety.

Operation procedure of stamping die:

Parts manufacturing enterprises aim at improving economic and social benefits. Therefore, the improvement of parts quality and accuracy is the eternal direction of the enterprise. The parts processed by the stamping die can get higher precision and quality only if the production process is operated strictly according to the stipulated requirements. At the same time, strict operation in accordance with the process, but also to a large extent to protect the safety of production personnel, reduce the incidence of production accidents.

The finishing process of stamping die can be divided into four parts. They are table operation, workpiece positioning, stamping guidance and structure fixing. The so-called desktop operation refers to the main production link of finishing. Before processing, the stamping resistance of parts should be determined first, so as not to damage the structure or accuracy of parts during processing. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the fixing of parts and materials to prevent the impact of stamping force from flying out of the machine tool, resulting in personnel or goods damage. The positioning of workpiece is an important link to ensure the dimensional accuracy of parts. If the parts are not well fixed, resulting in deviation from the impact of stamping force, the accuracy of the parts will not be guaranteed. Therefore, in actual production, more attention should be paid to stamping safety and operation control.

Stamping guidance refers to the stamping route in the process of processing, which is generally controlled by the guide pillar. In the guide link, once the stamping overrun occurs, the guide pillar will be damaged or even damaged under the huge stamping force. Because the stamping force is very large, once the parts on the machine tool are affected by the stamping force, they fly out loosely. It will cause serious harm to the surrounding operators. Therefore, before the start of production, we should do a good job in fixing the structure. In the process of production, parts should be observed and adjusted in time. In order to ensure the accuracy of parts under the premise of ensuring production safety.

In the process of working, attention should be paid to these problems so that high quality and precision parts can be manufactured, and the stamping die can play a good role in life.

Operation Procedure of Die

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