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Application of drawing die on hydraulic bending machine

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Application of drawing die on hydraulic bending machine

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Hardware stamping and stretching die is widely used in many fields. The following is a detailed description of how the metal stamping and stretching die is used in hydraulic bending machine by the die manufacturer.

Usually, the metal die can only be used in a single die on the press, while the hydraulic bending machine can only use the bending die to bend the length of the plate. If we can process the length of the bending machine and the single processing of the stamping die is an effective combination; for some online stamping products (such as aluminium profiles), this means several times the production efficiency; the product quality is greatly improved; and the labor intensity is greatly reduced. It has an inestimable impact on reducing production costs.

For online processing products, most of them are perforated. If we can make the bending machine work like a punch, the lower die table of the bending machine can be put in. Fixed the working table of the stamping die, and changed the waste liquid discharge of the die to the side and back row (because of the existence of the front vertical plate of the machine tool, it is more difficult to discharge the lower part). Change the die on the bending machine to inverted "T" type pressing plate, and then select the appropriate machine tonnage. Slider opening height, machine length. This is feasible in theory.

However, this method requires adjustments to hydraulic benders, dies and other related factors:

1. Machine Tool Adjustment

2. The bender removes the upper and lower dies and the rear stopper. To reduce the purchase cost of machine tools.

3. The bending machine makes another slide "T" upper die plate and flips it to level. Main function: Press the die, but it must press the center of gravity of the upper die.

4. The bender removes the lower die table and makes a widened and smoothed "U" type middle belt "T" type slot table. The main function of "U" type worktable is to restrict the serial movement of the die before and after, and to make the die slide along the length direction of the worktable. T-shaped slot for fixing die.

5. There is an adjustable travel block at both ends of the bench of the bending machine. The adjustable stroke block can limit the working stroke of the die and protect the die.

6. Adjust the stroke switch and time relay of the bender to the appropriate position. The stroke of bending machine should be slightly larger than or equal to the adjustable stroke block stroke, and the time relay should be lowered (generally less than 1 s) to increase the working frequency and obtain the corresponding working pressure.

7. The empty stroke height of the bender should be as short as possible.

8. Choose the length of machine tool, the height of slider opening and the tonnage of machine tool according to the requirement of profiles; the tonnage is generally greater than or equal to 40T, and the length is greater than or equal to 1500mm.


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