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Design Key Points of Hardware Stamping and Drawing Die

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Design Key Points of Hardware Stamping and Drawing Die

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In the design and processing of metal stamping and drawing die, it is difficult to make continuous drawing die. In professional books and traditional teaching materials, we simply introduce the material development, drawing coefficient, drawing process, drawing gap of single-process drawing die. Generally, they are relatively large parts. Continuous drawing is also based on the principle of single-process drawing die. However, in the design and processing practice, there are many technical difficulties that need to be adapted to the continuous drawing die.

Technology of Continuous Drawing Die

Firstly, because the continuous drawing dies are mostly connected by strips, in the whole production process, the strips can not be deformed and have enough strength to ensure accurate feeding, which requires a reasonable arrangement of strips, that is, the first pass of the design, the discharging strip. When discharging strip, it is necessary to accurately calculate the product expansion size, reserve the margin of edge lapping and blanking, choose the reasonable arrangement direction (whether the product is horizontal or vertical), determine the direction of stretching (pull up or pull down), and then calculate the length of edge lapping and the way of edge lapping. There are spider type, triangle type and saving type.

Procedure of Continuous Drawing Die

After determining the arrangement of the strips, the drawing process needs to be calculated, that is, how many stretches are needed to complete the final forming of the product. The drawing process depends on the drawing coefficient. We can reasonably determine the drawing process according to the theory and the material's ductility. We need rich experience here. The drawing coefficient is basically 0.55 in the first step, 0.65 in the second step and 0.75 in the third step. Of course, the coefficients of stainless steel and copper are different. Considering the difference between continuous stretching and single stretching, there are guide plates in single stretching. Continuous stretching is empty stretching. The guide plate not only plays a role in positioning, but also plays a guiding role in the stretching process, so as not to make the product mouth shrink too fast. Continuous drawing dies are all empty drawing and natural shrinkage deformation, so the drawing deformation should be small, the transition should not be too large, that is, the drawing coefficient should be larger, the drawing process should be more than single process drawing.

Design Skills of Continuous Drawing Die

When arranging the stretching process, we need to reserve 2-3 more steps according to the theoretical design, in order to prevent the design process from meeting the needs of product stretching, that is to say, reserve the change space.

After the process is determined, the drawing gap is different for different materials. Specific reference can be made to the technical information of the die. However, the gap between punch and die of continuous drawing die should take into account the factor of thinning during the drawing process, especially when drawing thin material, the parts with high surface demand need thinning or zero gap drawing.

Structure of Continuous Drawing Die

It is necessary to determine a reasonable die structure. Now the structure of the metal stamping and drawing die is more and more advanced. It has a common 8-plate structure, a down-hardening guide structure, and a neutral up-down stripping structure.


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