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What is the difference between forging and cold extrusion?

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What is the difference between forging and cold extrusion?

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Forging is a process that uses forging machinery to exert pressure on metal materials to produce specific plasticity in order to obtain some mechanical properties, shapes and specific requirements.

What's the difference between forging and traditional stamping and contemporary cold extrusion? What are the specific differences?

Forging, also known as forging, is a forging, pressure forming machinery as the main working medium, through the die, fixture, fixture, fixture and other equipment for pressure transmission to achieve specific plasticity, appearance and process requirements, according to the process material is mainly metal products, other non-metallic process materials can also be used for fibers, powder, composite materials, and other major forgers popular in the market. Art is divided into: warm forging, cold forging two forging methods;

Cold extrusion: generally refers to the extrusion of hard material through forging and pressing machinery and die under the condition of constant temperature to meet the specific requirements of the product. It can be a fixed product, an object, or a process technology.

In general, what are the differences between die manufacturers?

1. Mechanical differences, such as the traditional forging of large and heavy cold pier machine, large forging equipment, high-temperature forming furnace + high-temperature die, large melting furnace and other equipment on the different;

2. Different materials are selected: materials used in metals such as iron, titanium, magnesium, aluminium alloy, tungsten, tungsten steel, manganese steel, cemented carbide, fibers, powders, composite materials, etc.

3. Tools are different: different dies and fixtures can be heated by dies to reduce product stress, which is conducive to product forming, and can also be preheated by machinery itself to reduce the forming stress.

Fourthly, there are misunderstandings in the view of non-professional technology in the nature of forging. They are quite similar and different in nature, just as the effects of heating and not heating the material of a product are quite different. For example, CNC cold extrusion and forging have three differences in machinery, technology and material. That's the obvious difference between them.

Traditional stamping

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