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Cold Forging Technology of Automobile Hub

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Cold Forging Technology of Automobile Hub

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Automobile hub is located at the bottom of automobile tire, which is strong at the bottom of automobile rotary bearing and tire. It is used for automobile tight connection, emergency braking, braking and other functions. A wide range of processes can be forged and cast.

As we all know, the so-called good cars are very expensive. In fact, a good car is expensive. Take a car hub as an example, the manufacturing process of a good car hub is totally different from that of an ordinary car. Now the manufacturing technology of aluminium alloy wheels on automobiles is mainly divided into casting and forging. We understand the difference between them and understand why good models prefer to use forged wheels. Today, the mould manufacturer has a good chat with you on this issue.

First: What is the casting technology of wheel hub?

First of all, casting technology, it may be known that most of the aluminum alloy wheels on car models are cast, but there are three different manufacturing processes for casting wheels, namely gravity casting, low pressure casting and spinning casting.

Gravity casting is very simple, the liquid metal can be poured into the hub die for cooling. This casting method has high efficiency and low cost, but the quality is poor. Because the distribution of the various parts of the hub is not uniform, and the density of the internal metal molecules is relatively low, the strength of the hub is not high, so it is easy to break after collision.

Low-pressure casting can be said to be an upgrade on the basis of gravity casting. After pouring liquid metal into the mould, low-pressure casting process will exert a constant pressure on it. In this way, the molecular density of metal will be higher, the strength of wheel hub will be higher after forming, and the low-pressure casting process is also very mature, so most of the current models of wheel hub mining. All of them use low pressure casting technology.

Spinning casting is to process the cast hub in a second time, heating the hub while rotating and stamping, so that the metal molecules in the hub will be more compact and the strength will naturally be higher.

2: Forging:

Mainly using automobile bearing as raw material, through fixing its bottom material, extrusion appearance, and then rotating the other side for extrusion, the general tonnage is 500 t-3000T, the pressure is more than 15 000 kn.



Casting Technology

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