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How to Improve the Quality of Dies

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How to Improve the Quality of Dies

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The mould manufacturer introduces the quality of the mould, including the following aspects:

(1) Product quality: stability and conformity of product size, surface finish of product, utilization rate of product materials, etc.

(2) Service life: On the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of work cycles that the die can complete or the number of parts produced;

(3) The use and maintenance of the mould: whether it is convenient to use, easy to demould, and as short as possible the assistant production time;

(4) Maintenance cost, maintenance cycle and so on.

The basic way to improve the quality of dies: the design of dies is an important step to improve the quality of dies. Many factors need to be taken into account, including the selection of die materials, the usability and safety of die structure, the machinability of die parts and the convenience of die maintenance. These factors should be considered as thoroughly as possible at the beginning of the design. The manufacturing process of the die is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the die. The processing method and precision in the process of the die manufacturing will also affect the service life of the die. The accuracy of each part directly affects the overall assembly of the die. In addition to the influence of the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the processing methods of the parts and the technical level of the fitters in the process of grinding the die to improve the processing accuracy of the die parts. Surface strengthening of the main forming parts of the die is carried out to improve the surface wear resistance of the die parts so as to improve the quality of the die. Correct use and maintenance of the die is also a major factor to improve the quality of the die.

For example, the installation and debugging method of the mould should be appropriate. In the case of hot runner, the power supply wiring should be correct, the cooling water should meet the design requirements, and the parameters of the injection moulding machine, die casting machine and press in production should be in line with the design requirements, etc. In the correct use of the die, regular maintenance of the die is also required. The guide pillars, sleeves and other relative moving parts of the die should be regularly lubricated. For forging, plastic and die-casting dies, lubricants or starting agents should be sprayed on the surface of the formed parts before each die is formed.

With the development of society, more and more attention has been paid to the quality of dies. With the strengthening of the degree of design and manufacture of dies, the realization of new technology of dies and dies, the quality of dies and dies has been paid more and more attention. Quality is often said to be a new topic. Quality improves with the improvement of die technology.

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