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Brief Analysis on the Steps of Mold Polishing

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Brief Analysis on the Steps of Mold Polishing

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The polishing in plastic mould processing is quite different from the surface polishing required in other industries. Strictly speaking, the polishing of mould should be called mirror processing. It not only has high requirements for polishing itself, but also has high standards for surface smoothness, smoothness and geometric accuracy. The surface polishing of mould manufacturers generally requires only a bright surface.

The standard of mirror processing is divided into four levels. Because electrolytic polishing, fluid polishing and other methods are difficult to accurately control the geometric accuracy of parts, while chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing and other methods can not meet the requirements of surface quality, so the mirror processing of precision molds is mainly mechanical polishing.

1. Semi-precision polishing mainly uses Xieyan sand paper and kerosene.

2. Precision polishing mainly makes diamond abrasive paste. If the usual grinding sequence is 9um () - 6um () - um (8000). 9um diamond abrasive paste and polishing wheel can be used to remove hair-like abrasion marks left by #1200 and #1500 sandpaper. Then polishing is carried out with adhesive felt and diamond abrasive paste in the order of 1um () - 1/2um () - 1/4um (100000). The polishing process which requires the accuracy of more than 1um (including 1um) requires a clean space in the polishing of the die. Dust, smoke, dandruff and foam can be scrapped for hours to get a high-precision polished surface.

3. The basic process of mechanical polishing, in order to achieve high-quality polishing effect, it is important to have high-quality polishing tools and accessories such as oilstone, co-research official sandpaper and abrasive paste. Important is the polishing working environment, the requirement is dust-free workshop. The choice of polishing process depends on the surface condition of the pre-processing, such as mechanical processing, EDM, grinding and so on.

4. The general process of mechanical polishing is as follows: after rough polishing, finishing milling, EDM and grinding, the surface can be polished by a rotary surface polishing machine or an ultrasonic polishing machine with rotating speed of 35 000-40 000 rpm. The commonly used method is to remove the white spark layer by using the wheels of 3mm diameter and WA squid. Next is hand grinding with kerosene as lubricant or coolant. The general use order is #180-#240-#400-#600-#1000.

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