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Origin and Manufacturing Technology of Forging Die

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Origin and Manufacturing Technology of Forging Die

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Forging die can not be thicker than the sum of the guide forging and pressing die, referred to as "forging die", "extrusion die", English name "ForGing Die" for cold forging forming output die.

Since the invention of steam engine in the West in 1840, forging has been used in Western industry. A large number of ships and military products processed and produced have been used in production. Because of the equipment limitation of processable products, mechanical manufacturing enterprises have manufactured forming equipment with heating treatment. Because we have been used to call forging equipment, so far, people call it forging equipment, which has been applied to today. In the process of metal processing and production, the fixed forming die is also called forging die.

Since the 1960s, especially some metal materials of clocks, mobile phones and handicraft products need to achieve specific sizes and effects. Through the previous forging press, materials are heated by 30-350 degrees through high temperature furnace, and then put into the machine for forging to form products with functions similar to those of die casting and steelmaking.

In 2000, with the rise of market products and renewal technology, products with communication, precision hardware and precision electronics as the mainstream adopted more durable and superior conductivity of titanium, copper and aluminium metals as raw materials for processing, in order to achieve new attributes of higher hardness, anti-deformation, anti-plasticity and anti-collision. Through the combination of improved cold forging equipment on the market, cold forging dies were produced jointly. Forging products with more technical content are called "cold forging dies" because of their different principles and similar names. At this time, the cold forging dies are quite different from those before the 1980s and should be distinguished.

Through the above explanation, I think we also know the development and manufacturing process of the cold forging die manufacturer. Now let's share its fine process properties with Chengda forging press.

1. Overview of process:

The design of forging die should follow three principles: good service performance, excellent processing performance and some economic performance. At the same time, we should be familiar with the technological characteristics of metals during forging, master the basic structure and working performance of various forging equipment, and design a die with good formability, reasonable service life and easy installation, debugging and maintenance from the actual conditions.

2. Design essentials:

Based on material and forming technology, the following points should be considered when we mainly focus on cold forging:

1. Appearance of forgings:

Appearance is the direct effect of the product and the final conclusion is that the square is the circle and the actual output is the final conclusion.

2. Shape of forgings:

In order to reduce the die load, reduce the tonnage of press and avoid forging defects, the method of multi-die bore dispersion deformation is needed for complex forgings.

3. Forging equipment:

The main considerations are forging press, cold extrusion press and forging press.

4. Mould:

Forging die is an important equipment to realize die forging process and a branch of die category with a long history. Due to the complexity of forging process, the corresponding forging die has the following technical characteristics:

(1) Metal forging belongs to bulk forming, which is difficult to achieve one-step forming and requires multiple deformation. The forming steps of complex forgings can reach 12 steps. Therefore, a set of forging dies is often made up of one or more pairs of dies.

(2) Workpiece Shaping: The load of the die used for forging of iron and steel materials reaches 100-5000MPa.

(3) Because of the flow of metal billet during deformation under high temperature and pressure, besides the normal parting surface, the forging die cavity needs to maintain the integrity of the working surface of the cavity, so the mosaic structure can not be used.

The technical characteristics of forging die determine the design of forging die. It strongly depends on the design of forming process. It is necessary to select die materials well and carry out reasonable heat treatment. Advanced processing technology is adopted to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of die cavity.

In the future, Rentong firmly believes that faster, simpler and more intelligent forming technology will become a new scene of manufacturing. Easy to operate, more productive and more in line with the social identity of higher productivity and lower labor force.

During the 10-year journey, we have gone through many difficulties all the way. From the first batch of forging die research and development, trial production, mass production to national enterprise guidance, we have successfully assisted more than 380 metal enterprises to develop LED lamp radiator, lamp cup, handicraft trophy, coin, watch surface, dial, automobile axle sleeve, motor rotor, electronic motor, automobile wheel drum, bicycle parts, medical high fiber. Crystalline products, photoconductive products, Aerospace ship supporting products, involving 36 major industries, in 2019 Chengda forging is willing to go with you all the way, and create new heights!


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