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Reasons for Die Testing

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Reasons for Die Testing

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Mould manufacturers often have to test the die before they leave the factory. Why do they want to test the die? In fact, this is a complicated process. Let's talk about it below.

First of all, from the point of injection moulding. Defects in moulded products are caused during the plasticizing and injection stages, but sometimes they are also related to improper die design. Possible influencing factors include: the number of cavity. The design of cold/hot runner system, the type, position and size of injection inlet, and the structure of product itself. In order to avoid the product defects caused by die design, we need to analyze the design and process parameters of the die when making the die.

Then the test results are evaluated. In order to avoid adding unnecessary cost and time in the process of modifying the die. The evaluation also includes the setting of machine process parameters. In order to make up for the deficiencies in die design, the operator may make incorrect settings without knowing it. The process of production and operation of equipment is abnormal, because the setting range of parameters needed to produce qualified products is very small. Once any minor deviation occurs in the setting of parameters, the quality of final products may exceed the allowable range of errors, and the actual production cost is often much higher than the cost of die optimization in advance.

The purpose of the die test is to find out the optimized process parameters and die design. Even if factors such as materials, machine settings or environment have changed, it is still able to maintain a stable and continuous mass production environment, not just to obtain a good sample. This is very important.

Jiaxing Chengda Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 for Taiwan Yingda. It has been developing in mainland China for 18 years. Taiwan Yingda was founded in 1976, with a total of more than 40 years of experience. Strong experience and high quality products make customers and their peers recognize and agree with Chengda Mould's adherence to quality.

Chengda Mould has become a model of die industry in pursuit of technological superiority and staffs'firm centripetal force. We also sell the main demand markets with high quality, such as automobile fasteners, railway fasteners, aerospace fasteners and so on.

With the best efforts to meet the needs of the customer base, together with technical production and development capabilities, coupled with fast delivery and cordial service attitude, the industry has won the support and care of many customers, and is deeply only remembered.

Chengda Mould urges itself to continue to improve research and development of professional technology, in order to meet customer expectations, and modestly expect to grow together with the industry. We have the quality of technology, professional knowledge and perfect management system, members work together to achieve "customer satisfaction, success is the value of existence." At this stage, it is successful, but also laid a lasting foundation.

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