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Cold forging technology mold manufacturers

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Cold forging technology mold manufacturers

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In China, with the penetration of the world economy, the price of mould has developed into the main carrier of the global economy, the lifeline of the economy, the US Treasury bondholders, the Asian BRICS countries, and the national GDP has broken through the trillion mark. China's productivity and development space occupy an indivisible significance in the world.

A financial tsunami in 2008, the stagnation of the global economy, shrouded in the original recovery of domestic productivity;

In 2015, with the internal management mechanism and market economic environment, the brothers steel industry of the United States announced its closure, the global production enterprises oscillated greatly, 4/5 of the hotel and service industries were directly halted, the small-scale production enterprises closed overnight, and the prospect of China's economic destiny was greatly constrained.

In 2010, the economic storm has not stopped. We have chosen new technologies, new products and innovations of new thinking.

In 2015, Chengda forging and pressing formally merged machinery enterprises and integrated into cold forging technology enterprises. In Guangdong Province, it is also a high-tech enterprise supporting technical services throughout the country. Registered staff members or audit managers are curious about the particularity of our service content and business operations. In the certification hall, various shareholders of the company appear at the scene to sign, marking the opening of Rentong forging and pressing with machinery. High-tech development of equipment, manufacturing, processing, mould research and development, technical supporting services, comprehensive and professional business areas, more comprehensive and more professional services to business friends from all walks of life.

2015 is a spring, which is also a spring day for enterprises.

If we compare the beginning date to a spring, it is also a day for enterprises to start a new journey, because we do not shoulder the mission, have a long way to go, carry forward the future, pull out in the wind and waves, survive in the economic turmoil, we race with the mechanism, develop with the social environment, and rise in the world's diversified economic order - Rentong, the rising Chinese manufacturing enterprises!

In 2016, we successfully developed the Rays Guangdong project, the Foshan Lighting LED project, and the Jiufo Electrical Appliance Component Configuration Research and Development Counseling Business.

Huawei USA Router Export Project in 2017;

In 2018, the bearing field of domestic automotive parts manufacturing industry was developed, axle sleeve accessories and automotive gear accessories were newly developed, and more than 50 new projects of enterprises were launched.

In the future, mold manufacturers will firmly grasp the fate of the times, continue to strengthen their own core technology research and development and global technology cooperation as the support, committed to go abroad, to create a professional, refined, high, new overall planning, we have a long way to go in the future.

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