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What should be paid attention to in mold design?

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What should be paid attention to in mold design?

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Mould is an important tool in production, which relates to the whole output and forming of the product. The whole design is the structure and soul structure of the product. Mould manufacturers should pay attention to it.

Product design, the product provided by customers or drawing files as the standard design, PDF drawing size is in line with CAD, 3D file, whether there is edited size and lead to errors in the use of reference electronic file (proportional problem). 2 The direction of the product's rough edge, blanking direction, bending direction, knife edge confirmation application 3 product development is correct. Recognize that tolerance scaling and subsequent processing tolerance scaling (plating, spraying, etc.) 4 product drawings notes column requirements, and whether the general tolerance is understood, whether the dimension die design of product unilateral tolerance has considered revision 5 is not easy to guarantee the proposed dimension tolerance, tolerance less than 0.1 data, dimension-related data, flatness. Requirements, to consider design changes reserved station, die design in advance consider the insert displacement, increase the leveling station 6 have forming, stretching, salad and punching, blanking deformation, pulling, rising applications. The design considers copying cutting, false bending, pre-folding line, knife and pipe position. 7. Whether the blanking tool is reasonable, whether there exists the phenomenon of repeated blanking in theory and practice, whether it is easy to produce the appearance defects and internal stress changes of the hair and unacceptable position.

Die tooling: Tooling is a comprehensive reflection of fixed dies and required materials. Hardness requirement of materials is the direct result of stable and safe output of the whole die. General hardware dies also pay more attention to material selection. Conventional uses include titanium steel, A3, A5, R12, R12m, composite steel, etc.

Mold protection: Some of them will be chromium plated, zinc plated and oxidation coated on the surface of the mould to maintain long-lasting function.

Transportation protection: In the process of handling, manual tractor, hydraulic truck, lifting truck, traveling crane and forklift truck are generally used. They should be placed on the balanced support plane to assist in fixing and moving so as to prevent dropping and collision, resulting in loss of guide pins, fixing pins and fixing elements. Mould parts and integral fixing parts should be operated in the process. Defect.

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