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Mould Maintenance Method

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Mould Maintenance Method

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There is a close relationship between the service life of plastic mould and correct maintenance. In reality, there are too many cases of mould scrap due to improper maintenance. The mould manufacturer summarizes several correct maintenance knowledge and habits for you.

I. Maintenance of Dies before Production

1. It is necessary to remove the oil stain on the surface of the mould. After the rust is cleaned up, it is necessary to check whether there is any foreign matter in the cooling water hole of the casting mould. Is there a waterway not accessible?

2. It is necessary to check whether the arc in the rubber sleeve of the die is damaged, whether there are any residual foreign bodies, whether the moving parts are abnormal, and whether the movement is smooth.

II. Maintenance of Dies in Production

1. Check all guide pillars of the mould every day to see if the guide sleeve is damaged, including the guide pillars of the mould. Parts such as rows and positions should also be regularly refueled and maintained, and they should be maintained twice a day when they go to and from work.

2. Clean the parting surface of the die and the foreign matter rubber filament, foreign matter, oil, etc. of the exhaust slot, and check whether the ejector pin of the die is abnormal, at the same time, regularly oil it. The parting surface and the runner surface should be cleaned twice a day. The guide tip, bushing and position determination tip need to be oiled once a day.

3. Check the waterway of the mould regularly and tighten all the fastening screw.

4. Check whether the limit switch of the die is abnormal, diagonal pin. Is the inclined top abnormal?

Ⅲ. Maintenance of shutdown die

Before the shutdown of the plastic mould, it is necessary to turn off the cooling water and blow out the residual water in the mould. Check whether there are any residual rubber filaments and foreign bodies on the surface of the mould, so that it can be cleaned and evenly sprayed with anti-rust agent, and fill in the relevant records accurately.

Jiaxing Chengda Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 for Taiwan Yingda. It has been developing in mainland China for 18 years. Taiwan Yingda was founded in 1976, with a total of more than 40 years of experience. Strong experience and high quality products make customers and their peers recognize and agree with Chengda Mould's adherence to quality.

Chengda Mould has become a model of die industry in pursuit of technological superiority and staffs'firm centripetal force. We also sell the main demand markets with high quality, such as automobile fasteners, railway fasteners, aerospace fasteners and so on.

With the best efforts to meet the needs of the customer base, together with technical production and development capabilities, coupled with fast delivery and cordial service attitude, the industry has won the support and care of many customers, and is deeply only remembered.

Chengda Mould urges itself to continue to improve research and development of professional technology, in order to meet customer expectations, and modestly expect to grow together with the industry. We have the quality of technology, professional knowledge and perfect management system, members work together to achieve "customer satisfaction, success is the value of existence." At this stage, it is successful, but also laid a lasting foundation.

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