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Talking about the making of forging die

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Talking about the making of forging die

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Die manufacturer's forging die is a research tool for cold forging of products. It combines die with equipment to produce products of specific specifications. What is the principle of forging die? How to design? What are the steps of production? Now let's go into the world of moulds with Chengda.

1. Background of forging die:

Forging die manufacturer is the die used in the forging process. The raw material produces plastic deformation in the forging die under the action of external force, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the parts. Forging die can be divided into hot forging die, warm forging die and cold forging die according to different forging temperature. Hot forging die can be divided into hammer forging die, screw press forging die, mechanical press forging die, flat forging die and hydraulic press forging die. In the press die forging process, it is necessary to design the processing die base. In the forging process, it is also necessary to make blank (such as roll forging, cross wedge rolling) die, trimming die, punching die, calibration die, cold precision die and so on. These dies and devices also belong to the forging die category.

2. Origin of forging die:

Warm forging dies: We have introduced the origin and manufacturing process of forging dies in general, and briefly described the origin and basic process. In order to understand and adjust the author's time, Xiaobian further elaborates today:

In 1840, western countries produced large-scale military components, which could not be realized according to the technological level at that time. Therefore, through experiments, warm forging was adopted to heat the products first, thus forming a forging die with hot forging as the mainstream.

Cold forging die: cold forging, also known as cold extrusion, belongs to the forging process, mainly in the state of constant temperature of materials, without any chemical reaction, through the plastic forming of machinery, devices and materials. Cold forging die is also called cold extrusion die. Especially in the contemporary era, it has become a new production process for many manufacturers. More and more difficult products can be integrated into shape through the ingenious production of moulds. Especially after 1996, it has been praised by most enterprises in China.

Brief overview: Forging die has been involved since the 1950s. With the continuous use of technology and materials, in the late 1990s, people are more scientific and technological to improve and apply die equipment.

3. The structure of forging die:

Forging and pressing moulds are basically the same as the common plastic and hardware moulds in the market. They are also made up of die holders and die centers. They are the same as the male and female moulds of plastic moulds and the continuous die combinations of hardware moulds.

Combination: Die Frame, Die Center, Fixing Device

4. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: saving materials, saving processing time and upgrading process;

Disadvantage: High technical difficulty and low processing frequency

5. Development direction of forging die:

The main technical development direction of forging die is to improve the level of die design, adopt new die materials, and use high-precision processing means in order to achieve high-precision forging under the condition of high life of die.

With the improvement of the overall level of China's manufacturing industry, forging die technology will reach the international advanced level, and some innovative and special technologies will reach a good level. Especially, the contemporary cold forging die is widely used in ship, automotive parts, lamps, communications and other fields, which greatly saves material and labor costs, thus enhancing the product price ratio.

Due to the difference of technology and material, more knowledge of die is welcome to pay attention to the introduction of Rentong forging and pressing die. We do not regularly add literature. Due to the time relationship, there is still room for reference. Thank you.


Manufacture of Forging Die

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