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Hardware extrusion mold attention to the problem?

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Hardware extrusion mold attention to the problem?

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Cold extrusion processing is mostly hardware processing, and safety accidents often occur in machine operation. How to reduce safety incidents in machine operation? What safety problems should die manufacturers pay attention to? The following is worth reading:

We often hear the saying "safety first, prevention first" in our life. It can be seen that safety depends on the prediction and prevention of dangers. Only when we are fully prepared, can we prevent dangers in the future. So what important safety rules should we pay attention to in hardware processing?

First, look at:

1. See if the power supply of the machine is turned on and stop the incident from the source.

2. Whether the power supply and buttons are loose to avoid malfunction or electric shock;

2. Inspection:

1. Before entering the job, check whether your clothes meet the requirements of the job. Don't wear slippers, high heels and clothes that affect safety. Remember to wear safety helmet when you have long hair.

2. Check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil before the machine works, then start and check the switch stroke and brake is normal, and run the machine for 1-2 minutes empty. Operations are strictly prohibited when the machine is in trouble.

3. Notices in Operation

In mechanical work, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the slider working area, and to take and place the workpiece by hand. In order to take and place the workpiece in the die, it is necessary to use standard tools. If abnormal sound or machine failure is found, the power switch should be switched off immediately for inspection. After the machine starts, one person carries material and operates the machine. Others may not press the power or pedal on the switch board. For the sake of other people's safety, they can't put their hands in the machine working area or touch the moving part of the machine with their hands.

Tip: Everyone is responsible for safe production; safe production, happy family; Chengda reminds you: production is busy, safety is not forgotten!


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