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Fabrication Principle of High Speed Forging Die

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Fabrication Principle of High Speed Forging Die

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Forging die is a tooling die formed by combining forging equipment with specific requirements of products. It can achieve specific products or functional objects by shaping. What should we pay attention to when making dies with high-speed forging equipment in our daily life?

According to our routine process and operation mode, we usually design first, then manufacture, and then inspect later. The steps of the mould manufacturer are summarized as follows:

I. Processing Process Arrangement

1. Bottom surface processing, processing quantity assurance;

2. Standard alignment of casting blank and inspection of 2D and 3D surface allowance;

3. Rough processing of 2-D and 3-D profiles, non-installation non-working plane processing (including safety platform surface, buffer installation surface, pressure plate plane, side datum plane);

4. Before semi-finishing, the side datum must find the correct accuracy.

5. Semi-finishing of 2D and 3D profiles, finishing of all kinds of installation faces (including the installation face and contact face of the limit block, the installation face of inserts and back-to-back face, the installation face of punches, the installation face and back-to-back face of scrap cutters, the spring installation face and contact face, all kinds of travel-limited working face, inclined wedge installation face and back-to-back face), semi-finishing of all kinds of guide faces, guide holes, leaving a margin of finishing process benchmark. Hole and height datum, and record data;

6. Check the machining accuracy.

7. Fitting process;

8. Before finishing, the datum level of technological datum hole should be corrected and the insert allowance should be checked.

9. Finishing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole position, precision die processing technology reference hole and height reference, finishing guide surface and guide hole;

10. Check the processing accuracy of hardware mould.

II. Notes

1. The process is concise and detailed, and the processing content is expressed as numerically as possible.

2. Emphasis should be placed on the key and difficult points of processing.

3. The need for combination processing, clear expression of technology;

4. When inserts need to be processed separately, attention should be paid to the process requirements of processing accuracy.

5. After combined processing, the insert parts that need to be processed separately, and the benchmark requirements of separate processing are installed during combined processing.

6. Spring is easy to be damaged in die processing, so die springs with long fatigue life should be selected.

At present, most of the metal materials produced by human beings are ultimately processed into finished parts by forging. Forging is an important branch of plastic processing. It uses the plasticity of materials to produce plastic deformation with the help of external forces to obtain the desired shape, size and some organizational properties of forgings. The fundamental purpose of any forging process is to obtain forgings that meet the requirements of drawings in shape, size and internal structure and properties. A perfect forging die design process, first of all, according to the shape and size of the parts to design the forgings. The key is to select the forging step. After determining the working steps, the chamber, forging die and trimming die are designed according to the hot forgings. In the design process, it is necessary to determine the tonnage of hammer and the amount of raw material (both for the material).



Principle of Die Making 

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